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Auction/buy it now for nyxocity
alycat wrote in fanworksauction
Every now and then, someone we all know and love needs a bit of help. In his case it is nyxocity and I hope that some of you will be willing to help.

You can read more on her Gofundme page! In case you don't want to buy something or have something to offer up, feel free to donate there or contact me or nyxocity for a paypal address.

The auction will start today, March 19th, and will run until March 31st. The last date for the auction is not the date by which you need to deliver your work. It's just the last date for people to bid on offers. You can talk to your winner and decide on the details/due date.

If you're unsure about how a fanworks auction works, please check out the previous post at this community to see how the last auction was held.

Do feel free to promote this auction on LJ and elsewhere.

How to make an offer:

Copy the text below, fill in the details, and post it in a comment.
You are most welcome to offer fic, graphics of any sort (fanart, icons, wallpapers, gifs), fanvids, podfic and beta services, If
there's anything I've forgotten to add, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.
You may offer more than one fanwork; if so, please post each offer in a separate comment to make it easier to pick a
winner for each offer. (Feel free to specify the length of the work and any other details you'd like to add.)
All fandoms are welcome, as are original works/any other item you choose to put up for sale. You may also offer a 'buy it now' price. Bidders for buy-it-now prices don't have to wait until the 31st to make their donations or to discuss their requests with the person whose offer they've won.

How to bid:

Please respond directly to the comment with the offer that you'd like to bid on. If someone has already bid on the offer, you may reply to
the previous bidder's comment and offer a larger amount. On March 31st, I will contact the winners and send you the info on how to make your donation. Once your donation is confirmed, the person who made the offer will be informed. Please leave contact info so I can get in touch with you: you may leave your email ID in your comment or specify whether you'd like to be contacted via LJ PM instead.

Please do spread the word by linking to this post on your journal. Reposting the link to her Gofundme will also be a huge help. To promote your offer on your journal and elsewhere, please link to your individual comment on this post.

If you have any questions, please post them under the first comment below.

Please comment here with any questions you might have.

hmm, I don't have the time to offer something, but is there maybe a way to put up a request, and how much we're willing to give in exchange for said request?

User Name: elenajames on LJ and thedropoutandthejunkie on tumblr and Ao3
Email address: thedropoutandthejunkie@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: Tumblr | Ao3
Fandoms: Supernatural.
Likes: Slash, Kink, Dark, H/C, Domestic
Squicks/Dislikes: Scat, vore, pairings with Archangels or Azazel and Alistair.
Minimum bid: $10 per 1K.

Edited at 2016-03-22 02:01 am (UTC)

Okay....after just losing myself in your "Samples" for an hour, I'll bid $20 got 2K's worth of hot smut, LOL! Nyxocity was one of my early favorite authors when I came over to the dark side of fan fic and her stories have brought me so much pleasure, it will be good to give something back. janicec678@aol.com

User Name: elenajames on LJ and thedropoutandthejunkie on tumblr and Ao3
Email address: thedropoutandthejunkie@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: Tumblr | Ao3
Fandoms: Supernatural.
Likes: Slash, Kink, Dark, H/C, Domestic
Squicks/Dislikes: Scat, vore, pairings with Archangels or Azazel and Alistair.
Minimum bid: $10 per 1K

Okay, so, I'm the anon from Tumblr! Thanks for your help re: word counts! I think I'm finally ready to bid, so. Here we go!

I will bid $80/8K. Not only do I LOVE your writing, but nyxocity is one of my absolute favorite J2 authors, so I want to help her, since I'm able to do so. ♥

Contact info: hiddenscribbles[at]gmail[dot]com.

User Name: nyxocity
Email address: Nyxocity [at] gmail
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: LJ | AO3
Fandoms: Supernatural, J2 RPF, Buffy, Dragon Age game (willing to attempt writing other shows if I watch them, also willing to do certain crossovers if I feel comfortable with the shows)
Likes: Slash, het, kink, d/s, bondage, romance, pretty much anything that isn't listed below
Squicks/Dislikes: Scat/water sports, bestiality, non con
Minimum bid: $10 per 1k to a maximum of $50/5k

Edited at 2016-03-22 02:52 am (UTC)

I'd like to bid $50.00 on a 5K fic please. Please let me know if I didn't do this right. :)

You can contact me via LJ PM or also at e-mail:

Edited at 2016-03-22 03:30 am (UTC)

RE: Fic for Sale (Anonymous) Expand
RE: Fic for Sale (Anonymous) Expand
User Name: saltandbyrne
Email address: saltandbyrne at gmail
What I'm offering: The filthiest pornography you've always been too embarrassed to ask for
Samples of my work: http://archiveofourown.org/users/saltandbyrne/works
Fandoms: SPN and SPN/CW RPF, and I'd be happy to try my hand at Agent Carter (Cartinelli) if that floats anyone's boat
Likes: Most pairings (slash, het, femslash, moresomes, bring it) and just about every kink. I tend to do better with the dirtybad stuff :)
Squicks/Dislikes: Scat, extreme gore.
Minimum bid: $10/1k, I'll write for the two highest bidders :)

Disclaimer: I have a lot on my plate right now so I won't get to this until July at the earliest.

I would like to bid $30 for 3k of wonderfulness from you! My email is ira.kate@gmail.com :)

User Name: soulmatecest
Email address: soulmatecest@hotmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: You can find all my fics on AO3 ( http://archiveofourown.org/users/soulmatecest/pseuds/soulmatecest/works )
Fandoms: SPN and SPN RPF
Likes: J2 and Wincest (although I have more experience writing J2, I'll totally go Wincest too) also weecest included. I'm very open with kinks so I'm pretty sure I can work with things you might like. Mpreg, BDSM, etc. It all goes.
Squicks/Dislikes: Scat, watersports, necrophilia.
Minimum bid: $10/1k and 20k maximum.

Disclaimer: I'm open to write timestamps for verses/fics already published, but we'd have to discuss to see if what you want fits with what I already have planed for the stories :)

I'm currently in the middle of the semester so I can work on the story since June. I promise I'll have it done before August ends.

Edited at 2016-03-22 03:10 am (UTC)

Bidding $100/10k. We'll chat about things I'd like to see but I have no doubt that I'll adore whatever you come up with. And there's no rush cause I know how busy you are! xoxo Ally (contact email: jubilantjunior @ gmail . com or LJ PM)

User Name: Whiskeykissedsammy
Email address: Whiskeykissedsammy@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fully shaded Fanart, NSFW or SFW, minor background details. Highest bidder can choose between traditional or digital media.
Samples of my work: Tumblr Art Tag
Fandoms: SPN & SPN RPF
Likes: Wincest/Weecest, J2, DeanBenny, SamJody, Destiel, Sastiel, and most SPN ships (I'm down with pretty much any gay, hetero, lesbian or poly ship.)
Squicks/Dislikes: Sabriel, scat, rosebud, extreme violence, extreme gore, and extreme underage.
Minimum bid: $20

Disclaimer: I'm super slow at art. I do have one other commission I'm currently working on and will not be able to start this until the end of April. Also, I post all commissions on my tumblr.

User Name:dimpled_sammy
Email address:katehepburn2@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: all fics can be found here http://archiveofourown.org/users/dimpleforyourthoughts/pseuds/dimpleforyourthoughts
Fandoms: spn and spn rpf, I mainly stick to j2 and wincest!
Likes: j2, sam/dean, tropes, angst, fluff, AU, bottom!jared, top!jensen, im more of a plot before porn kind of gal BUT i am open to most kinks, incuding abo and mpreg. If you want it, ill write it!!!
Squicks/Dislikes: cockles/destiel, scat, watersports, noncon or dubcon
Minimum bid:$10 per 1k, willing to write up to 20k! Graduating in mid may so story will be finished as soon as possible after that point!

Edited at 2016-03-22 03:42 am (UTC)

bidding $30 for 3k! GIMME FLUFF!!! (am i doing this right?)

User Name: buticankarriyou
Email address: kurrytv@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Graphics for a fic. Edit: Will do reg graphic requests as well!!! See my work here.
Samples of my work: Here, Here, Here, Here
Fandoms: SPN / SPN RPF
Likes: Wincest / J2 are preferred.
Squicks/Dislikes: Destiel / Cockles.
Minimum bid: $10 per graphic, max of 5. (can be claimed by one person, or multiple people, up to the 5 max limit).

Edited at 2016-03-29 05:23 am (UTC)

Re: Graphics For Fic Offer

bidding $20 for 2 graphics. :)

User Name: buticankarriyou
Email address: kurrytv@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: Ao3 & Tumblr
Fandoms: SPN.
Likes: Wincest, Sam/Dean, Sastiel, Angst, Boy King, etc.
Squicks/Dislikes: Destiel, A/B/O & watersports.
Minimum bid: $10 per 1k, max of 10k. (can be claimed by one person, or mulitple people--up to the 10k max).

Edited at 2016-03-23 02:53 pm (UTC)

bidding $40 for 4k :)

i can be contacted on tumblr: wincestismyclarity

(Deleted comment)
User Name: murielleejones
Email address: murielleejones@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: https://www.fanfiction.net/~murielleejones or http://archiveofourown.org/users/MurielJones
Fandoms: Supernatural, (only through S8 though.)
Likes: hurt/comfort, Wincest, Destiel, First time, rape recovery,
Squicks/Dislikes: scat
Minimum bid: $10/1k max 20k

User Name: themegalosaurus
Email address: themegalosaurus@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: LJ | AO3
Fandoms: SPN, SPN RPF
Likes: Wincest, J2. Other Sam-centric pairings e.g. SamJess, SamBrady, Samelia, I'd have a crack at Sastiel... and I will happily write gen. I'll write smut, fluff, crack, angsty, probably most other things too. If you want me to write a timestamp or sequel to a specific fic, we could definitely discuss that.
Squicks/Dislikes: Sabriel, Samifer. Weecest (if Sam's 16+ we can discuss it). Watersports, scat, bestiality, noncon.
Minimum bid: $10 for 1k up to 5k. I'm happy to accept bids for two fics (each up to 5k).

bidding $50.00 for 5K. Definitely want angsty. Contact me at judyann722@gmail.comm

User Name: themegalosaurus
Email address: themegalosaurus@gmail.com
What I'm offering: Tumblr gifset (or just some gifs if you don't use Tumblr I guess). I'll make you a ten-image gifset around a theme or idea of your choosing, or if you write fic I could make one to promote one of your fics (like a trailer in gif form).
Samples of my work: Sam objectification gifsets / fanfic trailer gifset / Sam theme gifsets / episode-focused gifsets / all my stuff
Fandoms: SPN
Likes: Well I like Sam-centric stuff but I don't mind making stuff about other characters for this challenge.
Squicks/Dislikes: Shippy stuff for non-Sam centric ships.
Minimum bid: $20? But bid away. I don't really know how much this stuff is worth!!

User Name: winchestersinthedrift
Email address: xdamihibasiamille@gmail.com
What I'm offering: fic
Samples of my work: ao3 | tumblr
Fandoms: SPN, SPN RPF, SPN reader insert
Likes: het smut (reader insert or otherwise - I'll write Sam/Jess, Dean/Lisa, really either of them with whoever, pretty much any het pairing really), wincest, j2 rpf, gen (especially angst). I'll write most kinks and make it hella dirty as you like. :)
Squicks/Dislikes: extreme weecest, bestiality, scat, daddy!kink
Minimum bid: $15/1k, up to 3k

Bidding $45 for 3k. This is such a great idea!

User Name: firesign10
Email address: firesign10 @ gmail.com
What I'm offering: Fic
Samples of my work: My AO3 masterlist
Fandoms: Supernatural, SPN RPF, NCIS, possibly SG-A
Likes: PWP, Fluff, Romance, Angst, non-AU, pretty wide-ranging
Squicks/Dislikes: scat, torture, bloodplay, rape, bestiality
Minimum bid: $10 per 1K

Offering $20.00 for 2k definitely J2 contact me at judyann722@gmail.com