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Auction for Juice817!
tea cups
applegeuse wrote in fanworksauction
I’m sure most of you recognize juice817 by her amazing podficular contribution to the Supernatural fandom. Her readings are amazing and so is she! Unfortunately, she recently experienced an injury and is undergoing some financial hardships. You can read more about her situation at her GoFundMe page.

This auction will start today, April 14, and run until Thursday, April 28th (two weeks from today). The last date for the auction is not the date by which you need to deliver your work. It's just the last date for people to bid on offers. You can talk to your winner and decide on the details/due date.

Please help spread the word and promote this auction on LJ, DW, twitter, etc. There's a tumblr post here if you'd like to reblog it, too!

How to make an offer:

Copy the text below, fill in the details, and post it in a comment. You are most welcome to offer fic, graphics of any sort (fanart, icons, wallpapers, gifs), fanvids, podfic and beta services. If there's anything I've forgotten to add, please let me know and I'll add it to the list. You may offer any quantity you choose; if so, please add the relevant details to your form. E.g. you may choose to offer two sets of ten icons each; in this case, the two highest bidders on your thread will both be the winners. (Feel free to specify the length of the work and any other details you'd like to add.)

You may also offer a “buy it now” option. Bidders for buy-it-now prices don't have to wait until the end of the auction to make their donations or to discuss their requests with the person whose offer they've won. Please specify in the subject line if your offer is buy-it-now!

How to bid:

Please respond directly to the comment by the fanwork-maker. If someone has already bid on your person, you may reply to the previous bidder's comment and offer a larger amount. On Friday, April 29th, I will contact the winners and send you the info on how to make your donation. Once your donation is confirmed, your fanwork-maker will be informed. Please leave contact info so I can get in touch with you: you may leave your email ID in your comment or specify whether you'd like to be contacted via LJ PM instead.

Please do spread the word by linking to this post on your journal. You can also donate directly to Juice’s GoFundMe page if you'd prefer not to participate in the auction. Reposting the link will also be a huge help. To promote your offer on your journal and elsewhere, please link to your individual comment on this post.

If you have any questions, please post them under the first comment below.

Thank you all!

ETA: 11:15am, Friday April 29th. The auction is now closed! Thank you to all you offered and made bids. :)

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I just posted an offer and got hit with the spam filter :/ I know this community's settings do that sometimes.

User Name:sandrasfisher
Email address:cassandrasfisher2525@gmail.com

What I'm offering:fic/beta read

Samples of my work: e-mail me for samples
Fandoms:The Avengers
Squicks/Dislikes:Let me know what you intrested in for the story I will let you know if I will write it or not.
Minimum bid:$20.00

Offer: Beta Work, Auction or Buy It Now

User Name: trendykitty on LJ and AO3
Email address: trendykitty(at)gmail(dot)com
What I'm offering: Beta - I am unable to take on another J2BB at this time as I am already committed to multiple writers for this challenge, but I can beta other BBs and any other challenges or otherwise.
Samples of my work: Here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Fandoms: J2, SPN
Likes: schmooop, OTP, RPF, Original AU, crack, angst, open endings, creatures
Squicks/Dislikes: Infantilism, RL kids, ponyplay or petplay. While I don't particularly care for most mpreg, kidfic, or pairings with Misha or Castiel, I will still read them.
Minimum bid: $10 per 5K words to a max of 50k words or Buy It Now for $100.

Edited at 2016-04-15 10:29 pm (UTC)

Buy-it-now: Podfic up to 15,000 words

User Name: eosrose | [personal profile] eosrose
What I'm offering: Podfic up to 15,000 words, purchased in segments of 1,000 words
Samples of my work: J2 podfic on AO3
  • American Idol RPF (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert)
  • Chronicles of Narnia (Any Ship or Gen)
  • Harry Potter (Remus Lupin/Sirius Black)
  • Supernatural (Sam/Dean, Sam/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer)
  • Supernatural RPF (Jared/Jensen)
Likes: Magic, Dragons, Schmoop, Happy Endings, Wooing, Fantasy/Adventure, Misunderstandings, Hurt/Comfort
Squicks/Dislikes: Adultery/Cheating, Hooker!fic, Pornstar!fic, Non-con, Slave!fic, Unhappy Endings
Buy-it-now price:
$6 = 1,000 words$12 = 2,000 words$18 = 3,000 words
$24 = 4,000 words$30 = 5,000 words$36 = 6,000 words
$42 = 7,000 words$48 = 8,000 words$54 = 9,000 words
$60 = 10,000 words$66 = 11,000 words$72 = 12,000 words
$78 = 13,000 words$84 = 14,000 words$90 = 15,000 words

I will accept the first three bids with the potential to post another buy-it-now if not everyone buys the full 15,000 word maximum. So don't feel guilty about using a buy-it-now slot to buy a short 1,000-word podfic!

Edited at 2016-04-14 11:52 pm (UTC)

Re: Buy-it-now: Podfic up to 15,000 words

I already donated to Juice directly but wouldn't mind bidding on a potfic by you to help some more.

I have a 11k j2 dragonriders of pern story in mind if NC-17 is ok with you.

Contact via LJ PM please.

User Name: glovered
Email address: glovered.ao3@gmail.com

What I'm offering: Podfic up to 7k

Samples of my work: Here
Fandoms: Supernatural, Harry Potter, X-Files, Calvin & Hobbes, Merlin, and so many other things - just ask!
Likes: Anything except for below
Squicks/Dislikes: I'll read up to a PG-13 rating, het
Minimum bid: $15

Gonna start this up with a 15$ bid for some SPN podfic

User Name: glovered
Email address: glovered.ao3@gmail.com

What I'm offering: Icons, $2 per icon

Samples of my work: Here
Fandoms: Supernatural, Harry Potter, X-Files, Calvin & Hobbes, Merlin, and so many other things - just ask!
Likes: Everything
Squicks/Dislikes: none
Minimum bid: $6

I'd love me some new glovered icons... $6!

Custom Fic to Your Prompt

Oh HELL YES I want to help out my BFF!

User Name: prettyshiny/obsessed1
Email address: obsessedoneATgmailDOTcom

What I'm offering: TWO auctions of fic up to 5k each. Each winning bidder will receive the fic of their prompting, complete with kinks as applicable. Not sure about your prompt? e-mail me and I'll let you know.

Samples of my work: https://archiveofourown.org/users/semaphoredrivethru
Fandoms: J2, Harry Potter, Merlin, Teen Wolf, Marvel Movie Verse, Sherlock (fav fandom not listed? Ask me! I'm super multi-fandom!)
Likes: kidfic, some mpreg (ask first), AU, canon, crossover, angst, character death, schmoop, smut, het, slash (m/m primarily, but have gone for f/f before), knotting, ABO, somnophilia, voyeurism, exhibitionism, crossdressing, BDSM, spanking, threesomes, DP, sex toys,
Squicks/Dislikes: necrophilia, scat, watersports, bloodplay, noncon, dubcon, bestiality, animalplay, infantilism, infidelity, chan, play intended to mimic any of the above
Minimum bid: Starting bids at $5 per fic!

Edited at 2016-04-18 02:52 am (UTC)

RE: Custom Fic to Your Prompt

I bid $20 for each of the fics.

Edited at 2016-04-26 03:29 pm (UTC)

User Name: applegeuse
Email address: applegeuse [at] gmail [dot] com.

What I'm offering: A podfic up to 10k words (about 1 hour). I’m willing to take the three highest bidders! :D

Samples of my work: my podfics on AO3
Fandoms: Supernatural and SPN RPF!
Likes: Sam/Dean, Sam and Dean, gen.
Squicks/Dislikes: I’m open to other pairings but no Dean/Cas. If you want me to record something that would typically require a warning, please check with me first!
Minimum bid: $15

$15 for a starting bid.

Buy-it-now podfic covers (repost)

User Name: akamine_chan
Email address: akaminechan at gmail dot com

What I'm offering: podfic covers, $5/each

Samples of my work: here are most of the covers I've made so far
Fandoms: any - if I'm not familiar with the fandom, I may need to be pointed in the direction of pictures
Likes: any
Squicks/Dislikes: n/a
Minimum bid: Will accept the first 10 requests at $5/each. May take on more requests, if there's a demand.

Re: Buy-it-now podfic covers (repost)

Could I buy 2 for $10? I don't have anything I need at the moment, but I'm often in need of podfic covers...

User Name: desertport
Email address: port dot desert at gmail

What I'm offering: Podfic!

Samples of my work: on AO3 and on LJ
Fandoms: Sleepy Hollow, MCU, Star Wars: TFA, Sherlock, SGA, Merlin.... eh, lots of others. Ask me if you have anything else in mind.
Likes: Tropes, romance, romantic comedy, plot, adventure, gen/slash/femmeslash, first time, established relationship
Squicks/Dislikes: Deathfic, unhappy endings
Minimum bid: $18 for up to 10k words, add $1 for every 1k words after that

User Name: tipsy_kitty
Email address: tipsy-kitty at hotmail dot com

What I'm offering: Podfic up to 20k

Samples of my work: AO3
Fandoms: I've podficced Supernatural, SPN RPF, Teen Wolf, Merlin, MCU, and some small fandoms. I'm always happy to try something new.
Likes: I'm so easy. Light and fluffy, dark and angsty, silly, creepy, kinky...
Squicks/Dislikes: Angel pairings in Supernatural
Minimum bid: $15

$30 for your dulcet tones : )

User Name: Dentalfloss
Email address: dentalflosscanine@yahoo.ca

What I'm offering: a fanfic somewhere around 10-15,000 words, though that's a loose word count because who knows where a story might go...

Samples of my work: I have written under a few names. Dentalfloss work can be found here and Thoughtreflex work can be found here

Fandoms: Hawkeye, Avengers, Supernatural (I'm a bigger fan of Dean and the earlier seasons), Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek Reboot, Star Trek Voyager ...or ask about a show/character, I'm fairly open about it and if I haven't seen it I'll do some base research :)

Likes: I like many things, so basically pitch the idea and we'll see what happens.

Squicks/Dislikes: Incest and RPF are not really my cup of tea and I'm not interested in writing BDSM, MPreg (I have written a fic with this incorporated and don't feel the need to do another), character gender-switches, or Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics (unless it's in a way that's not sexualized). I have nothing against gratuitous sex scenes, but I'm not interested in writing it myself. LOL, it would not be worthy. No pwp. :) Having said all that I think I can still put together a pretty decent story. :D
Minimum bid: $40.00 I don't have much free time so let's make this count :D

Edited at 2016-04-24 12:29 pm (UTC)

Re: Fic offer

$40. I noticed that you listed Hawaii Five-0 and that you posted a big bang in that fandom before (that i loooooved) but it is not listed above. Are you willing to write for that fandom as part of this auction?

Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fic offer (Anonymous) Expand

auction close?

So does the auction run THROUGH the 28th - ending at midnight going into the 29th? Or through the 27th - ending at midnight at the turn to the 28th? (need to strategically time my bid!)

It runs through the 28th! I wasn't planning on making a really strict cutoff time (like exactly midnight), so as long as you have your bid in before morning on the 29th, it's fine. :)

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